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Videos of Seminar on Integration of Technologies in Deeni Qidmat held in the month of January 2015 in Ahmednagar & Pune

Videos of Seminar on Integration of Technologies in Deeni Qidmat held on 24 & 26 January 2015 in Ahmednagar & Pune respectively.

Mehdaviat o Shariyath by Hazrat Peer-o-Murshid Maulana Syed Meeranji Abid Khundmiri Sahab

As on 27 Feb 2015,

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Applications invited for Six Days residential Training program on “Poultry” for unemployed youth from 9th to 14th March 2015 at “Canara Bank-Deshpande Rural Self Employment Training Institute” in Haliyal

We are pleased to inform you that, a Six Days residential Training program on “Poultry” for unemployed youth is been scheduled from 9th to 14th March 2015 at “Canara Bank-Deshpande Rural Self Employment Training Institute” in Haliyal.

The participants will be given free food and accommodation.  We are happy to inform you that we are associated with with this institute to help each other in organising such training programs for unemployed people.


  • Age: The participants should be in the age group of 18-45 years
  • Qualification: 8th standard to 2nd PUC.

Topics covered:

  • Micro lab – Ice breaking exercise
  • Achievement Motivation – Confidence Building
  • Entrepreneurial competencies – importance, explanation with examples, case study for identification of different competencies
  • Scope and importance of Poultry, Commercial Poultry Farming, back yard Poultry
  • Poultry Breeds- description of different breeds- Layers and Broilers
  • Poultry – systems of bird rearing, infrastructure requirement, types of sheds and their construction
  • Poultry equipments and their maintenance
  • Introduction & replacement of birds, flock schedule – management practices of rearing
  • Tower building – eradicating dependency syndrome
  • Feeding Birds, types of feeds, manufacturing of feed
  • Poultry diseases- symptoms, vaccination & prevention
  • General Management of a Poultry (layer & broiler), practices, cleanliness & hygiene of sheds, cleaning & fumigation
  • Procurement of chicks, transportation,
  • Marketing of poultry eggs & meat,
  • Interaction with a successful entrepreneur
  • Time management
  • Visit to a poultry unit for interface & practical learning
  • Preparation of project report for a poultry unit
  • Insurance for poultry
  • Problem solving & creativity
  • Renewable Energy, an appropriate alternative – description, scope
  • Banking –Advances & deposits- lending schemes to poultry

Post the training the trainees are expected to settle either by wage employment or self employment. If some of the participants are willing to do self employment, they will be assisted with project reports and loan, along with follow ups for 2 years so that they get settled.

We advice the unemployed youth to kindly get benefit out of this free program and grow economically.

To register for the program kindly send us the following details to

  • Name:
  • Age & Date of Birth:
  • Qualification:
  • Job / Business:
  • Address:

Warm regards

Shabreen Begum
Training Coordinator & Trustee
Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust

Govt of India Sponsored Management Development Programme on Commodity Markets and Price Risk Management on 26 & 27 Feb 2015 at IIPM, Bangalore


Belgaum Mehdavia Youth & Students Interaction Program held on 22 Feb 2015 in Shankeshwar

DSC01806DSC01782Belgaum 22 Feb 2015: The Mehdavia Times team of Belgaum Region  organised “Belgaum Mehdavia Youth & Students Interaction Program” today Mehdavia Masjid of Shankeshwar.

The interactive program attracted 100+ participants from Shankeshwar, Hukkeri, Gokak, Deshnur, Belgaum & surrounding areas.

DSC01791Inayath Ulla Khan addressed the gathering by taking the audience through the journey & evolution of & Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust and its need in the present context. The primary aim of the interactive program was to bring all the dairas of this region together and engage them in community development activities.

The audience also got an experience of teleconferencing, as we integrated other speakers from dDSC01778ifferent locations address the gathering.

Janab Syed Shafiullah Saheb Khundmiri ahle Chanpatan addressed the gathering through teleconferencing and stressed upon the unityamong youth, getting connected through other dairas, and use technology in the rightDSC01779 direction. He advised the youth not to get misled by baseless and useless messages WhatsApp Face book and other social media sites and apps. He congratulated Mehdavia Times Team in its pursuit to achieve its mission & vision.

Janab Tausif D Sayyed of Mumbai addressed the gathering through teleconferencing on how to practice Mehdaviath and be connected with fellow Mehdavis through our network while being an employee of a corporate company and being in the cities like Mumbai where there is no place of Mehdavia Interaction. He further stressed on unity among our brethren, explained the efforts of Mehdavia Times in this direction.

Janab Syed Mehmood Saheb of Ahmedabad a business man by profession also came through teleconferencing and shared his experiences while traveling across the globe. He highlighted the importance of Zikrullah stating the faramin of Imam Mehdi Maud Allaihis sallam “Har Jake Bashad Bayad-e-Quda Bashad’ i.e., ‘where ever you go, keep remembering Allah’. He further explained how zikrullah helps a person in reducing anxiety, depression, anger etc and helps the in personal and professional growth by improving concentration & efficiency.

Inayath Ulla Khan announced the two much awaited programs of Mehdavia Times in Belgaum which is been planned since many years.

  • Kaun Jayega Ziyarath: a Quiz program for children in which all the 7 dairas will take part. the KJZ will be in 3 stages  - written, group quiz and hot seat. the winner of the hot seat will be sent for ziyarats as part of his winning prize. The KJZ will be hosted after all the academic exams in the month of April.
  • ZMT [ Ziyarath, Mulaqat & Tarbiyat] : A three days tour from Belgaum to Bidar in which participants from different dairas will take part in Ziyarath, and on the way do Mulaqat with all the important dairas on the way and get Tarbiyat from each other under the guidance of young murshideen. They will also get a chance to clarify their doubts if any. The ZMT program will be arranged very soon and the dates will be announces soon. Click here to see the last years plan

The program was very succesful, and it got concluded with Namaz-e-Isha followed by Dinner.

We thank Janab Khwaja Matte Saheb of Gokak, Janab Hasan Mehdi Saheb, Janab Haji Saheb of Shankeshwar, Janab Khundmir Momin Saheb of Shankeshwar, Janab Mubashir Chowdry Saheb of Hukkeri, Janab Ashik Mohammed Saheb, Janab Hasan Mehdi Kalekazi Saheb of Pachapur, Janab Rasool Mahedi Saheb of Shankeshwar, Janab Ashfak Gadanphali, Alhaj Mohammed Hussain Saheb, Janab Niyamat Nesargi saheb of Hukkeri, Janab Mohammed Taski R Momin Saheb, Janab Hidayathullah Nayaghar and many others who were part of the organizing team.

79 per cent of ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ budget remains unused in Telangana

Even though the minority department officials have gone into an overdrive to implement the “Shaadi Mubarak” scheme, around 79 per cent of the Rs100-crore budget approved by the Telangana government remains unutilised.

“Inadequacy of staff post bifurcation turned out to be a big challenge for us. Our work force is nearly 30 per cent deficient,” said Omer Jaleel, special secretary for the Minority Welfare Department. He added, “Officials are putting in extra hours to expedite processing of applications.”

With barely 40 days left to utilise nearly Rs 79 crore in the kitty, the department is planning to upscale awareness activities. “We will print 10,000 informative posters of the scheme and put them at suitable places to raise awareness,” he said.

Ghiasuddin Babukhan, who is assisting the department with the scheme implementation, said, “Substantial ground work is being done to create awareness.”

“We have commissioned 40 people to assist the potential beneficiaries who are either illiterate or unaware of the scheme. The biggest hurdle is the lack of proper documents,” he said.

Telangana deputy CM Mahmood Ali said, “The CM has already ordered to pass a GO which will solve the problem of missing identify proofs. “The GO will allow applicants to produce an authorised declaration instead of the birth certificate,” he said.

He also assured that “the unutilised budget will be rolled on to the next fiscal year and more officials will be commissioned.” Against the target of 20,000 marriages in a six-month duration originally planned by the Minority Welfare Department, only 4,204 applications have been received. The department claims to have wired Rs 51,000 each to the bank accounts of 2,357 beneficiaries.

From the SC and ST community, for whom the scheme is labeled “Kalayana Lakshmi”, 2,964 and 1,402 applications have been received with 1,355 and 650 sanctions respectively.

A visit to Hukkeri to meet Mehdavi brothers.

DSC01571Belgaum 20 Feb 2015: It is my pleasure to inform you all that we had visited the Mehdavia Jamia Masjid of Hukkeri in Belgaum District today. It was a coincident that Janab Masood Faujdar, Chairman, KMDC had also come to Belgaum today morning for his official tour and myself (Inayath Ulla Khan) came here to take part in ‘Agro Visio South’ expo which is scheduled on 21, 22 & 23 Feb 2015.

We visited Hukkeri to meet and greet the Mehdavis brothers there. Taking this opportunity the Mehdavia Jamath of Hukkeri had organised a small program after Namaz-e-Jumma at Mehdavia Jamia Masjid.

On this occasion there were also other dignitaries of the locality viz, Janab Ashik Mohammed Saheb, Janab Nazir Hussain KAS, Rtd Asst Commissioner, Janab Saleem Khatib Saheb, Chairman Belgaum Dist Minority Commission, Janab Mussavir Chaudri Saheb, Janab Hidayath Ulla Saheb.DSC01574

Janab Ashik Mohammed Saheb, Janab Nazir Hussain KAS, Rtd Asst Commissioner and Janab Saleem Khatib Saheb addressed the
gathering on the services of Janab Masood Faujdar Saheb.

Mehdavia J amath of Hukkeri did Gulposhi of Janab Masood Faujdar Saheb, Janab Khawaja Matte of Gokak & Myself.

Later Janab Masood Faujdar Saheb being the Chief guest of the program addressed gathering on various schemes from which the community can take benefits. He urged the community to encourage educating their children and avail scholarships and educational loans from the KMDC.


DSC01563DSC01565DSC01578DSC01576DSC01577DSC01583DSC01586 DSC01587DSC01589

Update on the treatment of the unfortunate victim of Accident Syed Azgar in Gopal Gowda Hospital, Mysore

Syed Azger on VentilatorMysore 16 Feb 2015: Dear Brothers in faith As salamu alaikum Rahmathullahi wa Barakatahu. This is to update you that today our team comprising of Janab Abdul Khader Khan Saheb & Myself along with the Khalai of Syed Azgar, Janab Mustaq Ahmed Saheb had visited to see the unfortunate victim of Accident Syed Azgar bhy in Gopal Gowda Memorial Hospital, Mysore and also hand over the funds we had raised to the hospital management for his treatment. Jazak Allahu Khair in response to our first appeal we had received the following amounts from various donors. Let Allah swt accept the contributions of all donors and reward them with his infinite mercy & bounties, Aameen.

  1. 20150216_144411Rs.5500
  2. Rs.3000
  3. Rs.500
  4. Rs.1000
  5. Rs.5000

The sum of which is Rs.15000/-  from 5 donors. Jazak Allah for all the generosity shown towards this cause. Alhamdulillah we have handed over a cheque of Rs.20,000/- through the account of Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust  to the hospital on behalf of all our donors.

Present Condition: Doctors informed us that Syed Azgar has developed ARDS [Acute respiratory distress syndrome]. We were told that the condition of his lungs is very critical. He is kept on ventilator through neck, he must be kept at least for  a minimum of 10 more days. Depending on the state of his recovery the dependency on ventilator may get prolonged. He is said to have multiple fractures in his back bone.

Alhamdulillah, Doctors informed us that Syed Azgar is recovering positively and is responding to all the treatments.

The doctors further informed us that they are giving priority to the treatment of his lungs first. Once he recovers from ARDS, he will be treated for the multiple fractures.

Finances: The initial estimate quoted by the hospital was Rs.3, 00,000=00 towards treatment alone. But so far the family has spent approximately Rs.20, 000 to Rs.30, 000 on a daily basis and has crossed nearly Rs.5 lakhs till now for medicines & hospital  expenses. The approximately cost of treatment may go up to Rs.20 to 25 lakhs.

Family Condition: The family is not in a condition to afford the expenses as they are from low socio-economic status.  The father of the victim Janab Syed Nawab Saheb is a daily wager and he used to sell fruit in a pull cart. The victim was their only hope to take the family up and had started working very recently in a mobile shop in Bangalore after completing PUC.

Those who would like to contribute for his treatment may kindly do NEFT / RTGS  by giving the  Reference Code‘MTWT-MedAid-Asgar-01-2015’ in transaction reference column and send us the payment details by email or sms.

Whatever Allah gives through this Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust will pay directly to the hospital by DD at the time of discharge or whenever it is required. As stated above we have issued a cheque of Rs.20,000/- on behalf of all the donors Allah diya.


A/c Name: Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust

A/c Number:0793101030500

IFSC Code: CNRB0000793 MICR Code: 560015075 Bank: Canara Bank Branch: Nandidurga Road, Branch, Bangalore

Reference Code: MTWT-MedAid-Asgar-01-2015

If any of you would like to donate for general activities

Reference Code: MTWT-Gen-Contribution

Please do send us the payment details to

Those who can’t pay due some reason may always help him by praying to Almighty Allah for his speedy recovery, and also spreading the message to help him.

For More details if required can be taken from  Jameel Ahmed: +91 9964347422 [Mamu of Victim]


Please note: Mentioning of Reference Code is a must.


Jazak Allahu Khair.

Inayath Ulla Khan s/o Abdul Khader Khan

Managing Trustee Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust


First Appeal: Urgent Appeal to help a victim of tragic accident held on 27 Jan 2015 near Srirangapatna – to get deserved & immediate treatment

NCPUL announces Certificate & Diploma Courses in Urdu & Arabic in Bangalore

The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Department Of Secondary and Higher Education, Government Of India announces Certificate & Diploma Courses in Urdu & Arabic.  It is a golden opportunity to learn Urdu & Arabic  and understand the holy Quran too.

  1. One Year Diploma Course in Urdu Language (2015-16)
  2. One Year Certificate Course in Arabic Language (2015-16)
  3. Two Years Diploma Course in Functional Arabic (2015-17

Eligibility: Ability to Read and Write In Urdu & Arabic

Contact: 9341701352 / 8892907490

Study Centers:

  • Madani Public School, Behind AKS Convention Center, Shivajinagar, Bangalore
  • HTN School, Cottonpet, Bangalore

Sad Demise of Hz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Syed Mehmood Jouharba Miyan Ishaqui, Chanpatna

IMG-20150206-WA0012Channapatna 6 Feb 2015:  Dear Brothers  in faith

As Salamu Alaikum Rahmathullahi Wa Barakatahu.

With deep regrets this is to inform you all that, the senior most murshid of our community Hz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Syed Mehmood Jouharba Miyan Ishaqui, berthed his last at 3:30 am today,(Friday, 6 Jan 2015).

 إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

 Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

Insha Allah Namaz-e-Janaza will be performed at his masjid after namaz-e-Isha, and Tadfeen will be held at Bada Hazira, Channapatna at 10:00pm today

Maut-ul-AlimMaut-ul-Alam!! Death of an Alim, Death of an entire Alam, His demise was a great loss to society.

At last, we at Mehdavia pay our sincere condolences to the family of MarhumHz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Syed Mehmood Jouharba Miyan Ishaqui, and the community at large, as the whole community is orphaned by this loss. Mullahsahib unselfishly devoted his life to serve Allah and his community. His lectures will be fondly remebered as he displayed vigourous courage in showing the right way and encouraging the audience to get closer to Allah. May Allah rest his soul in peace and give him a place amongst his chosen ones.

He is survived by His son &  Janasheen  Hz. Mashayaq Alhaj Syed Shahbuddin Miyan Ishaqui.

  • Namaz-e-Janaza                     :        9.30 p.m. today
  • Venue of Namaza-e-Janaza :        Masijid-e-Hashim,Channapatna
  • Tadfeen                                     :        10.00 p.m today
  • Khabristan                               :        Chota Hazira, Channapatna

Jazak Allahu Khair,

Inayath Ulla Khan




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