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April 2014
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Health Awareness Program at Jamiat-e-Mahdavia, Matadahalli, Bangalore |7:00pm, Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bangalore 18 April 2014: Dear brothers in faith As Salamu Alaikum Rahmathullahi Wa Barakatahu. This is to inform you all that Jamiat-e-Mahdavia, Matadahalli, Bangalore is conducting a Health Awareness Program at its premises on Saturday, 19 April 2014.

Insha Allah the program will start at 7:00 pm, and the following doctors will address the gathering;

  • Prevention & Cure of Diabetes,
    • Dr.Syed Basharath Mehdi, MBBS, MRCP – UK
  • Current Scenario of Health & Wellbeing, 
    • Dr. Shameem Banu, MBBS
  • Panel Discussion And Q&A, 
    • Dr.Syed Basharath Mehdi, MBBS, MRCP – UK,
    • Dr. Shameem Banu. MBBS &
    •  Dr.Irfan Baig, MBBS, MRCP – UK [ Through Video Conferencing ]

All are requested to attend this program and get aware on the health issues.

  • Venue: Jamiat-e-Mahdavia Jamath Khana, Matadahalli, Bangalore
  • Date:Saturday, 19 April 2014
  • Time:  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Surat-ul-Jumma ka tarjuma

Jumma Mubarak for all Brothers and sisters

Jamiat-e-Mahdavia issued Taziyath Nama on Marhum Dr.Syed Saifuddin Khalid Dilawari, Bangalore

Click on the image to enlarge.Taziyath Nama

Abid Masjid Channapatna Me Tarhi Natiya Mushaira

abid masjid mushaira

Is Bar Banegi Hum Sab ki Sarkar – Inayath Ulla Khan

Is Bar Banegi Hum Sabki Sarkar - Mehdavia Times

Milad e Mehdi Maoud Alaihis Salaam celebration, Organized by Daire Mehdavia Society Dammam (DMS) under the patronage of Peer-O-Murshid Al-Haj Hz Syed Jafar Ashrafi Sahab – A report

بسـم الله الـرحمـن الـرحـيـم
In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful d2
As Salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
Alhamdulillah on Friday 21 March 2014, We were fortunate enough to invite all  our Mehdavi brothers & sistersresiding in and around Eastern Province to attend  Milad e Mehdi Maoud Alaihis Salaam celebration, Organized byDaire Mehdavia Society Dammam (DMS) under the patronage of Peer-O-Murshid Al-Haj Hz Syed Jafar Ashrafi Sahab (President Ijma-e-fuqara-


e-Groh-e-Mehdavia, Channapatna). Currently Peer-O-Murshid is on a visit to Dammam and staying with his Son-in-law Janab Syed Ibrahim Ashrafi. 
MashAllah, the program would not have been so immensely successful without the full co-operation and presence of our community members. Our community brothers and sisters utilize the occasion and benefitted from the spiritual address of the Peer-O-Murshid. The programs started with the offering of Zuhr prayers behind the Peer-O-Murshid. Followed by Lunch Allah Diya was served immediately after prayers. Then Followed by the Jalsa. Along with Peer-O-Murshid the Dais was shared by Janab Syed Ibrahim Ashrafi and Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem (of DMS-Dammam), Mohd Zafar Siddiq and Syed Mehmood (of FMS-Riyadh) 
The Jalsa was started by the beautiful recitation of Holy Quran by Janab Syed Ibrahim Ashrafi Sahab (Vice–President DMS-Dammam). Then welcome speech was given by Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem Sahab (Founder President, DMS-Dammam). He address on the topic of  Islam, Eeman and Ehsan. But stressed on Ehsan which has special significance because Imamuna Mehdi Maoud  AHS had given us a clear direction and dedication for Vision of Allah ( DEEDAR e KHUDA ) is possible If you will follow his important teachings.
After his heart touching speech, Master Syed Faizan Ashrafi beautifully read Nath e Shareef, followed by another Nath e Mehdi AHS by Master Syed Mufassir Mehdi in their own very beautiful styles. Recitation of both children was well appreciated by the audience. 
The Guest from Riyadh Janab Mohammed Zafar Siddiq Sahab presented Nath-e-Mehdi AHS written by his late father. Which was well applaused by the gathering. After him the well awaited spiritual address delivered by  Peero Murshid Hazrath  mashaiq qibla.
During his speech Hz Peer-O-Murshid addressed  on various  topics start from Nabuath to Vilayath, what was the necessity for the advent Imam Mehdi AHS after the Prophet SAWS? Why mehdavis should not offer prayers behind a non-mehdavi Imam, The life of a Mehdavi etc. He spoke on various  topics in a very decent manner, and moreover his address was so vast in a simple  language and covered many things, many people who wanted to clear  their doubts and they got their answers in his speech of Peer-O-Murshid.
At the conclusion of the speech Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem (Founder President DMS-Dammam) thanked the gathering and was overwhelmed by the co-operation & affection showed by the attendees.  At the conclusion of the Jalsa the Muqaddas Tasbeeh was pronounced, which reverberated the spacious and newly renovated Huge Auditorium of Khayam Restaurant. No doubt the Restaurant Management had  done their best and served our community members in such a respectable manner no body imagine for their hospitality in such a shortest time.
The DMS-Dammam is thankful to Allah SWT by the sadaqa of Khatamain AHS and Syedain RZ, the event would not have been successful without the gracious presence of Community members to make the Milad-e-Imamuna Mehdi Maoud AHS a grand success.  Community members from Dammam, Khobar, Thoqba, Jubail, Hassa, and from Riyadh also attended to hear the spiritual address of the Peer-O-Murshid.

One of the most important part of the celebration was the participation of Office bearers and Members of different Organisations coming together under one roof for the Milad. Members from all walks of life gathered whole heartedly and once again showed their unity, United We Stand. DMS-Dammam would like to once again thank each and every brother and sister with folded hands for the co-operation and unity shown for the success of the event. Separate arrangement for ladies was appreciated very well.  Its a grand success of D unity among E.P mehdavis and expecting the same in the future.
Dar ittefaq nusrath e deen asth
Dar nifaaq hazimath e deen asth
For details and updates regarding future activities and gatherings in Dammam-Khobar region by DMS, please contact any of the following:-
Syed Faizullah Nayeem
Syed Ibrahim Ashrafi
Media Co-Ordinators
Syed Shahabuddin Faheem      
Syed Musadaq Ishaqui
Media Coordinators.
Media Team.

Daire Mehdavia Society [DMS] – Dammam

Sad Demise of Janab Hussain Khan Saheb, Mysore

Janab Hussain Khan Saheb Janab Hussain Khan Saheb

Mysore 04 April 2014:

As salamu alaikum Rahmathullahi Wa Barakatahu.

Dear Brothers in faith this is to inform you all that one of my chacha Janab Hussain Khan Saheb resident of Rajiv Nagar, Mysore (Agarbatti Merchant) breathed his last today at about 12am in Mysore.

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

He was a staunch believer in Mehdavia Aqaid and a simple man.

I request all the brothers to kindly pray for his aqeerat.
Allah marhum ku Jannat o Deedar nasib farmaye. Aameen

We pay our sincere condolences to the family of Marhum Janab Hussain Khan Saheb and all our relatives.

May Allah rest his soul in peace and give him a place amongst his chosen ones. And bless him with his divine vision. Aameen

Namaz e Janaza: After Namaz e Juma in Jamia Masjid e Najiulla, Mysore.
Tadfeen: Mehdavia Khabristan, Mysore

Jazak Allahu Khair,

Inayath Ulla Khan s/o Abdul Khader Khan

Sad demise of Hazarat Faqeer Prof: Syed Saifuddin Khalid, Bangalore on 30 March 2014

Bangalore 30 March 2014: Dear brothers and sisters in faith, As Salamu Alaikum Rahamathullahi Wa Barakatahu, with an heavy heart this is to inform you all that one of the gems of the contemporary Mehdavia alims Hazarat Faqeer Prof:Syed Saifuddin Khalid Dilawari Saheb has departed his soul today morning at his residence in Bangalore.

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Maut-ul-AlimMaut-ul-Alam!! Death of an Alim, Death of an entire Alam, His demise was a great loss to society.

Marhum Hazarat Faqeer Prof: Syed Saifuddin Khalid Dilawari Saheb was serving in the Government Unani Medical College in Bangalore, and he got retired last year from his service. He was suffering from Renal problems since a couple months and was undergoing dialysis every alternate days.

He was a great scholar of our community, his untimely departure is a great loss to the Muslim community.Professor sahib unselfishly devoted his life to serve Allah and his community, He was a great orator & motivator to the youth of our community. His lectures will be fondly remembered as he displayed vigorous courage in showing the right way and encouraging the audience to get closer to Allah. We have recorded his speech in one of our Guftagu Episodes and the same is presented below again for your view.

Hazarat Faqeer Prof:Syed Saifuddin Khalid Dilawari Sahe was my teacher, who encouraged me a lot in doing Mehdavia activities. I learned many things from him when ever I visited him, and through letters and phone calls. Verily, I lost a great guide to whom I used to refer for any doubts related to aqaid.

He is survived by his wife, two sons (Syed Dilawer Faisal & ) and a daughter all are in the early 2os.

Insha Allah his body will be taken to Jamiat-e-Mahdavia, Jamat Khana, Momin Manzil, Matadahalli, Bangalore from his residence and from there he will be taken to Channapatna after Namaz-e-Zuhur for tadfeen.

Namaz-e-Janaza will be offered in Farha Masjid in Channapatna after Namaz-e-Mughrib today (Sunday, 30 March 2014).

Tadfeen will be in Bada Hazira of Channaptna at 7:00 pm.

We at Mehdavia pay our sincere condolences to the family of Marhum Hazarat Faqeer Prof: Syed Saifuddin Khalid Dilawari Saheb, and the community at large, as the whole community is orphaned by this loss. May Allah rest his soul in peace and give him a place amongst his chosen ones.

Jazak Allahu Khair,

Inayath Ulla Khan



Informative Camp on Seerat-e-Mehdi Organised by Idara-e-Gulshan-e-Mehdi ahs, Chanchalguda was a grand success – a video report

Ahemadabad Ki Sulemani Gali Me Mahdavia Masjid aur Madrasa Ki Tameer Ka Kaam Aaj Shuru Huwa


Ahmadabad 27 March 2014:  Khawm-e-Mahdavia Ke Liye ye Khush Khabar hai ke – Kal Ahemadabad Ki Sulemani Gali Me

Mahdavia Masjid aur Madrasa Ki Tameer Ka Kaam

Aaj Shuru Huwa Murshidin-e-Ikram ke haton shuru huwa.

Is khushi ke mauqe par Peer Wa Murshid Hz. Sayed Nizamuddin Saheb Qibla Mutawalliiyat-


e-Chapaner,Peer Wa Murshid Hz.Sayed Khundmeer Miyan Hammadi Saheb Qibla, Hz.Sayyed Ataullah Saheb Yadullahi Qibla, Hz.Sayed Aaftab Aalam Saheb Molvi Fazil, Peer Wa Murshid Hz.Sayed Mahmiid Miyan Saheb Yadullahi

Qibla, Hz.Sayed Taskeer Saheb Hydarabadi Qibla, Hz.Syed Nagmfees Athar Heydarabidi Qibla aur Peer Wa Murshid Hz.Sayed

Aap tamaam se guzsarish hai ek qoum ke is azeem project ku sahi taur par mukammil hune ke liye dua karen.Mubarak Miyan Saheb Yadullahi Ahle Baroda maujood the.


As salamu Alaikum

WANTED VOLUNTEER CORESPONDENTS from all parts of the globe, to get news items from each and every daira and publish in Mehdavia Times for the benefit of all.