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Jalsa Jashan-e-Eid Milad-Un-Nabi Saws By CNQEM, Chanchalguda On 28 Dec 2014

daroodHyderabad 21 Dec 2014: Committee Naujawan Qaum-e-Mehdavia, Chanchalguda, Hyderabad announces Jalsa Jashn-e-Eid Meelad-un-Nabi sallelahu Alaihiwasallam On Sunday 28th December 2014 At Rahmatia Mansion Chanchalguda, Hyderabad.

Insha Allah the following speakers and Murshideen will address the gathering;

  • Janab Nizamath Syed Mazher Mehdi Sahab
  • Hz. Peer O Murshid Syed Moulana Alhaj Abu Rehan
  • Hz. Syed Maati Ullah Zakir Munawari Sahab Qibla Moulvi Kamil Jamia Nizamia
  • Janab Syed Shafi Ullah Tashreef Ullahi Sahab Ahl-e-Chanpatan
  • Mohib-e-Qhoum Janab Naimath Ullah Khan Soofi Sahab
  • Janab Syed Arshad Ishaqui Sahab
  • Janab Mohammed  Amer Mehdi Sahab

All the Ashiqan-e-Rasool Sallelahu Alaihiwasallam are herby requested to kindly attend this Jalsa in large numbers and make it a successful one.

Karnataka withdraws anti-cow and cattle slaughter Bills

Belagavi – 20 Dec 2014: The Karnataka State legislature on Saturday withdrew the controversial Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill 2010 and Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Preservation (Amendment) Bill 2012, These two bills had been adopted by BJP Government when it was in power in Karnataka.

Group Discussion on the Need of Having Medavia Madrasas – held on our official Whats Aap Group on 12, 13 & 14 Dec 2014

Dear Brothers in Faith, As salamu Alaikum Rahmathullahi wa barakatahu. With a new initiative on our website, we would like to bring you the important and selected group discussions held on our official WhatsApp Groups.  With an online Poll at the end of the discussion.

MT Mys Anwar: Asalamu Alaikum Inayath and friends  why we Mehadvis not thinking of opening of madrasas like hafiz e quran and mouzens from childhood itself like we have in Hydrabad complete Training for hafiz e Quran and mouzens everywhere we are seeing the scarcity in our community we mehadvis will afford the expenses of the childrens this is a grave matter and great concern we can have it in chanapatna after Hyderabad instead of other charities it’s my opinion please brothers and sisters   what is your opinion please? I think we must consult our ulemas in this matter.

  • MT Guj Mehmood Sibgatulla Syed: I fully agree with you and thinking same
  • Meh Guj Sajjad Hussain Surat: I completely agree
  • Mshq Emran Miyan Chanchalguda: It’s compulsory
  • MT Hyd Mehraj Dildar Khan: This  is My Dream
  • Inayath Ulla Khan: Wa alaikum as salam Anwar bhy… yes it is a fact that an initiative in this regard is very essential and is the need of the hour.  But the problem is our people are neither taking it seriously nor bothering about it. It is a true fact in both the so called learned and the ignorant.

There are Major challenges in front of us are;

  1. Lots of micro politics within the various managements of our organizations…. often shift the focus & primary objectives of making such organizations.
  2. There are no dedicated teachers in our madrasas.
  3. Our plans are not sustainable, hence can’t afford teachers on regular monthly salaries.
  4. Lack of effective leadership, no encouragement of visionaries.
  5. Last but not least everyone wants to lead and no one wants to follow any one. As a result no unity among us.
  6. Every one blame Murshideen, but no one becomes the right Mureed. And no one takes responsibility to reviewing our madrasa system.
  7. If at all we have some madrasas, our own people don’t respect their rules nor encourage them.

Aqir Ghar ki murghi daal barabar hai na. The consequences of the above scenario are that, now outsiders are getting into our dairas and establishing their madradas.. Initially many of our people keep away from them and later as our madradas don’t come they admit their children there… Ab baad me pasht akar kya fayda. Taali tu sirf do nahi balke sabmilkar bajarahe hain.. awaz tu ayega hi. Allahu Aalam.

  • MT Guj Mehmood Sibgatulla Syed: 1000% Perfect Diagnosis Inayat bhai. it is true…very true

MT Mum Tausif D Sayyed: Can we all reach out to our respected Ulemas to seek strategy approval, as they are the one who can guide us the right path. Most importantly If we freeze one thing in our mind, we can achieve any milestone. ” Whatever we do should be for the sake of Allah the most beneficial” Ye line har pal yaad rakhe to destination is very easy. Let us remember the life of Buzurgan e deen who were continuously in the way of Allah… Let’s try to be atleast some fractional % of their personality. Let’s be practical and start preparing strategy / roadmap to have the madarsa Taalim soon for our youths and children by talking to knowledgeable learned and selfless people. InshaAllah Azwajal we soon will have madarsa Taalim hafeez e Quran e paak. Due to satke Tufail of our Buzurgan e deen…

  • Mshq Emran Miyan : Masha Allah….. it must be well organized…..Insha Allah
  • MT Guj Mehmood Sibgatulla Syed: Akele hi Chale the hum Janibe Manjil log aate gaye Karwa Banta Gaya, Yes Must Be Well Organised..
  • MT VC Doha Imran: Salam tu all…
  • MT Guj Mehmood Sibgatulla Syed: Let us First Start in Ahmedabad, Insha Allah
  • Mshq Syed Asim Fareed Miyan: I’m with you…
  • MT Guj Mehmood Sibgatulla Syed: bahot bahot shukriya piro murshid sahab
  • Mshq Syed Asim Fareed Miyan: Hafiz Sahbaan Khundmiri Saheb Shaagird hain….
  • Inayath Ulla Khan: We all are with u bhy…..It should start simultaneously in multiple locations with a central madrasa syllabus. There should not be pilot project for such initiatives….
  • MT Mum Tausif D Sayyed: Liked
  • MT Guj Mehmood Sibgatulla Syed: Inayat bhai make master plan. We will Implement, Insha Allah
  • Inayath Ulla Khan: But we should do it professionally.  If we can do our jobs and businesses professional way why not our deen
  • MT Guj Mehmood Sibgatulla Syed: Fully Agreed
  • MT VC Doha Imran: True Inayath bhai
  • MT VC Doha Imran: I am also thinking same way

Mshq Emran Miyan: Three things are most important for every plan

1)     Knowledge

2)     Unity &

3)     Wealth

Inayath Ulla Khan: These 3 are working capital…

  • Mshq Emran Miyan : Indeed

Inayath Ulla Khan: In addition to these we need initial CapEx… or initial capital…

1)     Trust,

2)     Dedication &

3)     Transparency. ..

  • MT Guj Mehmood Sibgatulla Syed: Very True
  • Kashif Khundmiri: InshaALLAH, some fruitful result can come of this discussion. Capital is the core of this. Let’s get organized.
  • Asraf Tanvar Palanpur: As salamu Alaikum, Inayath  Ulla Khan sab, real voice from your heart, Each &Every Mehdavis think this kind not only think but put in practice,I,myself  & Tanzim-E-Mehdaviya from Palanpur ,Gujarat have been  thought and put in practice, Madrasa-E-Mehdaviya in area of non Mehdavis, run today nicely,and one another building is going to run soon where triple facilities like community hall,madrasa & Hostel.These all establishments due Allah & sadke Rusullo Mehdi & abadan dauas from burzugane -murshadine kiram.
  • MT Mys Anwar: As salam Alaikum Inayath, Shall we convey Meeting in this matter opening of Madrasas.
  • Inayath Ulla Khan: Wa Alaikum As salam, Yes some where it should Start
  • MT Mys Anwar: Let we first discuss in Mandya,then Chanpatna then everywhere, We have to take bold step.First we have to form the group in our self from mysore 1 group, Mandya 1 group, 1 from Channpatna. Then we will discuss with ulama ikram.
  • Fareed Ali Khan:  As Salam O Alaikum, Dear brothers, regarding madaresa, couple of years back group of people planned to start in Channapatna, I think syllabus also ready, it got inaugurated with grand Jalasa. But for some reasons madaresa project got stop. I will be happy to be part of the new team.
  • Mshq Syed Asim Fareed Miyan: Liked
  • MT Sadath Ali Khan: Liked
  • Inayath Ulla Khan: Welcome Fareed bhy… that was true.

60th Anniversary of Idara-e-Hayat-o-Mamat-e-Mahdavia, Hyderabad on 13 Dec 2014

60th Aniversary of Idara Hayath o Mamat

24th Online Lecture Program of FMS in Saudi Arabia on 12 Dec 2014

24th Online Lecture Program of FMS in Saudi Arabia on 12 Dec 2014


Note: Those who wish to attend the program in Channapatna, may kindly attend it at Masjid-e-Irfania, Daira, Chanpatan


“Daire Bachao Andolan’ ek fikr aur is waqt ki zarurat” – Dayera-e-Yadgir

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith,

A very sad news for now is that Dayera e Yadgir, Karnataka, has been demolished and taken away by the govt of Karnataka due to absence of Mehdavis in the residing area.

This is a wake up call for all our brethren to document all the papers regarding their respective dayera.
The Dayera e Yadgir belong to Hazrat Bandagimiya Syed Abdul Wahid RA , a holy saint a 250 years back.

He and his companions are laid to rest in this dayera.
It is very sad to know that there are no documents as of now, and the awareness is nil, hence, its our misfortune to have this holy dayera being demolished by Govt of Karnataka. The govt of Karnataka is not to be blamed as the entire law is based on evidences.

It is a call to taken by our community to act as a responsible people, and make their own dayera safe from all such black events.

This is the time to respond with clarity of thoughts, deep discussions with residents of respective dayeras, instead of simply reacting to a news and haphazardly blowing firing messages to our Mussaddiqeens.

Our teamhumbly request all the Mehdavis to control and maintain the documents of their dayeras. Though many of our Musaddiqeens resides in Metros and other places other than their native dayera, it is our collective responsibility for any such poor event happening with the dayera.

The Mehdavia Times Team, led by Inayath Ulla Khan is trying to collect the same from various sources, InshaAllah we will be posting an article on Hazrat Bandagimiya Syed Abdul Wahid RA.

Due to Sadaqe and Tufail of our Buzirgan e deen , who practiced and maintained the right preaching of Islam, Allah SWT is making us live comfortably in this exhaustible world.

We again humbly request to all our Musaddiqeens to come forward, and advice the managements of our various community properties to maintain the documents of their respective dayeras.

In the end, all we can say is , whatever we are doing is only for the sake of Allah SWT, and may Allah SWT accept our good deeds and gets agreed with us, to make us successful in Aakhirat.

Aameen ya Rabbal Aalameen.
JazakAllah Kheyr
Tausif D Sayyed
Correspondent – Mumbai
Mehdavia Times Group ( Mumbai Branch)

Sad Demise of Janab B.M Basha Saheb Ex.President Mandya Municipal Corporation

BM Basha Marhum Janab B.M Basha Saheb

Mandya 20 Nov 2014: This is to bring it to your notice that Janab B.M Basha Saheb Ex.President Mandya Municipal Corporation expired in the wee hours today at around 3:00 am in Mandya.

The time of Namaaz-e-Janaza is will be performed today at 4:00 pm in Mehdavia Sadath Masjid, Mandya and Tadfin will be in Mehdavia Khabristhan, Mandya.

Marhum Janaab  BM Basha Saheb was an active Politician right from his youth. He was elected to serve the Mandya Municipal Corporation for several terms and was also President of the Corporation. He was an active congress man and a good social worker. He has served our community all through his life, and is the only Mehdavi to be the President of the corporation.

We express our deep condolences to Janab BM Basha Saheb’s family members.


إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

May Allah, bless him with his infinite Mercy and his Divine vision. Aameen!

Message from: Haz Peer o Murshid Syed Hussain Ishaqi Sajjada Nasheen & Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Mandya

Sanaha-e-irtihaal Nihayat ranj-o-alam ke saath ye qabar dijati hai ke Hamare aur aap ke har dil Azeez Maqbool leader Janab B.M Basha Saheb Ex Municipal Councillor o Ex President Mandya City Municipality ka inteqal hochuka hai.Marhoom bahut sari qoobiyoon ke malik they.Bila lihaaz mazhab o millat loogoon ki qidmath kiya karte they.yahi wajah hai ke aaj logoon sailab umand pada hai. Mandya Sheher aj ekk muslim leader se mehroom hochuka hai.Dua hai ke Allah Rabbul Izzat Habeeb-e-Paak saw o Imamuna Mahdi as ke sadqe marhoom ki magfirat farmaye apne deedar se musharraf farmaye.  Aameen!

Shareek e Gham!Haz Peer o Murshid Syed Hussain Ishaqi Sajjada Nasheen , Sadr o Motamad o Jumla Arakeen Mehdavia Sadat Masjid Mandya.

Message from: Janab Abdul Khader Khan Saheb, Honarary Chairman- Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust, Mandya

Janab BM Basha Sahab Bachpan se hi mere azeez dost rahe, Aaj ye qabar badihi ranj-o-gham ke saat sunayajaraha hai. Be shak Marhum Janab BM Basha Saheb qaum ke ek Ache Qaid rahe, aur unki qoumi-o-milli qidmaat ku hum sab nahi bholasakenge. Allah tala se dua hai ke Marhum ki maghfirat farmakar, apne Deedar se Nawaze. Aameen !

Shareek e Gham! Janab Abdul Khader Khan Saheb, Honarary Chairman- Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust, Mandya

Message from: Janab Malik Shamshuddin Saheb, Gen Secretary – Mehdavia Movement, Chanpatan

Janab BM Basha Sahab was a very good social worker, he was also the Trustee of Mehdavia Movement and Chairman of our Medical Camps. He never said no to anybody for a service. Whenever we send any one to seek his help, he would helped them wholeheartedly irrespective of day or night.

Shareek e Gham! Janab Malik Shamshuddin Saheb, Gen Secretary- Mehdavia Movement, Channapatna

Shareek e Gham: Quam ke ek habeeb Qaid ku khone ke gham me:

  • Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Channapatan
  • Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Kirgaval
  • Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Bannur
  • Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Mysore 
  • Mehdavia Kurshid Masjid, Mysore etc..

Visit to Dayera-e-Erode, Tamil Nadu

Erode4Dear brothers and sisters in faith, Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahhi wa Barakaatuhu. I am extremely happy to share with you a wonderful experience I had recently, regarding my visit to Pallipalyam, a Daira in Erode of Tamil Nadu State.

I was on an official visit to Kochi, during the month of August 2014. Ever Since I learnt about the Palghat Daira in Kerala through the Mehdavia Times Whats App group, I was fascinated to visit this important and endangered daira , as bhai Inayath Ulla Khan defined. Alhamdulillah I had an off on Friday, 15th August and decided to go to visit it. I expressed this intention to him and asked him to guide my on this important journey. He connected me to Hazrat Nisar Miya Murshid of Erode through con call, I am extreamly happy to speak to them over this conference call as both of them advised and guided me thoroughly to plan my trip. The planning of how, where and when to go and the directions were very well discussed and action was pending on my side.

Erode3As planned, I started at 4:00 am in the morning from Kochi by train and reached Erode at 11:00 am. I was honored to have Nisar Miyan to receive me at Erode railway station. He was very happy to see me coming from Kochi 312 kms from Erode and revealed that if you have the love for Buzurgan e deen , you will always succeed reaching them.

We reached Masjid-e-Mehdaviya about 5 KMs by 11:15 and spent a very good time there. I was served with a sharbat (a sweet syrup) masha Allah which was very sweet and delicious.

We discussed at length on our community, faith, many other community challenges and issues.

Erode1In particular we discussed on importance of Tayyatul wuzu Namaz and the acts of Hazrat Bilal hafshi RZ. The moment we finished discussing about this great Sahaba of Huzur e Akram Nabi e Mukarram SAW, it was time for Azan e Jumma.

There comes my next special moment, where I was delighted when I was asked by Nisarmiya, “Jao Tausif bhai, Azan dedo”.The moment I got this opportunity, I rushed to execute the order enthusiastically. I felt very lucky to get such an opportunity here in Pallipalyam, as I won’t get it in my own city Mumbai. I must say that this is due to satke tufail of Hazrat Bilal Rz. I was granted this holy opportunity.

Alhamdullillah he delivered a very enlighten sermon on the seerat of Hz.Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir rz. After namaz-e-jumma someone got dated and distributed amongst all brothers.

Nisar Miyan introduced me to all the brothers and appreciated my visit by saying he could have spent his holiday in roaming in some malls or simply relaxing at home but his love for Buzurgan e deen has made him come here and he will InshaAllah visit the Hazira soon to ziyarath.

I met many mehdavi brothers and was very much delighted to see them all. And the same was reciprocated towards me.

Later, Nisar Miya and I moved for ziyarat and on the way had lunch at his Cousin brother’s residence.

Due to the grace fo Allah SWT, I performed ziyarats of Hazrat Bandagi miya Yakoob Roshan Miya RA and Hazrat Bibi Hidayatullah RA .

Then in the evening after namaz e Asr, I started my journey back to Kochi via Coimbatore.This journey will never be forgotten and will be one of my best and successful day in my life.

My main motto behind sharing my experience is that if anybody wishes to perform ziyarat at Erode the holy dayera, it is very easy for him or his family one can easily reach out to Nisarmiya Murshid.

If this Gunehgar Banda has mistakenly overstated anything or praised about self, then please forgive this banda for the sake of Allah SWT.

Many thanks JazakAllah to bhai Inayath Ulla Khan & Nisarmiya Murshid. May Allah SWT bestow his blessings, mercy and grace on all of us, so as to enlighten our hearts and make us free from the worldly things.

Aameen ya Rabbal Aalameen


Tausif D Sayyed

Volunteer Correspondent – Mumbai

Mehdavia Times

Let’s Be Human this Winter

Dear Friends meet Fahad, the good samaritan with a cause. Last week he and his brother Immad were returning home, he was moved by noticing many homeless people sleeping on roads in a harsh winter. It was too cold that night. He started conversing with himself, thinking on the dire condition that these helpless people are in. He decided to offer some warmth to at least few people. He made a video to create awareness among people  about the difficulties these people are in. and to request like minded people to come forward and spread the message of ‘Lets Be Human this Winter’ and share warmth to homeless people.

We at Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust congratulate Brother Fahad to initiate this activity, and encourage all our brethren to come forward and share what ever they can to provide some warmth to homeless. You don’t really need to buy brand new blankets but just share whatever you have.

Report on the Behr-e-aam Celebrations of Hz.Bandagi Miyan Syed Ashraf Barabani Israil in Raybag on 6 Nov 2014

20141106_143933Raybag 11 Nov 2014: Alhamdu lillah the Behram was celebrations of of Hz.Bandagi Miyan Syed Ashraf Barabani Israil in Raybag on 6 Nov 2014 was very well done. Zaireen from various places visited Roza of Hz.Bandagi Miyan Syed Ashraf Barabani Israil in Raybag and performed ziyarath. On the occassion a Jalsa on the Seerat of hazrat was also held after namaz-e-zohar which was presided by Hz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Maulana Maulvi Syed Jaffar Miyan Saheb Ashrafi Damat Barkatahum. The Jalsa was initiated with Quran ricital by Hafiz-o-Qari Janab Syed Jafar Sadiq Ashrafi Saheb. The audience were also addressed by Hz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Maulana Maulvi Syed Fatahullah Saheb Mehmoodi, Hz.Janab Shafiullah Saheb Khundmiri & Janab Syed Imran Saheb Ashrafi.  Janab Farhan Khan Saheb recited Naat-e-Nabi sas and Janab Moyuddin Saheb Patel recited Naat-e-Khatimain ahs. Janab Abdul Khader Khan Saheb – Hon Chairman of Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust was the Mehmanan-e-Qususi. Janab Syed Sadiq Saheb Ashrafi did the Isteqbaliya Taqreer, Janab Shafiullah Mallad Saheb did Shukriya to all the Muqarireen-o-Zayereen and Janab Inayath Ulla Khan saheb did nizamat & recording of the jalsa.

The Behr-e-aam Ijma was held soon after Jalsa and Before Namaz-e-Asr under the leadership of Hz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Maulana Maulvi Syed Jaffar Miyan Saheb Ashrafi Damat Barkatahum.




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