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Lailat-ul-Imaan between 22nd – 23 rd night of October’2014 (26th – 27th ZilHaj)

Dear Musaddiqeens, Assalamualeikum wa Rahmatullahhi wa Barakaatuhu,

It is my privilege to inform you all that, tonight i.e, 26th – 27th Zilhaj is observed as ‘Lailat-ul-Iman’ and celebrated by  praying for the salamati of our Imaan.

It is on this night, that Hazrat Bandagi Miya Syed Shareef Tashreefullah RZ  was born, who is the son of Hazrat Bandagi Miya Shah Khundmeer Siddiq e Vilayat RZ.

It is our humble request to all of you to pray for the salamati of our Imaan and of all Mehdavis.

You can read more about this in the book “Seerat e Siddiq e Vilayat RZ”, written by Murshidona Wa Maqdoomuna Hazrat Ismail Moosa Miya 2nd (RH) Ahl e Hasteda on page number 174 & 175. The same is been displayed below for your reference.

IMG-20141022-WA0037 IMG-20141022-WA0038

Imaan ki daulat jo Laafaani daulat hai, uska khayaal karte hue, hum Allah ka shukr baja laate hai ki jo bin maangi daulat se hame Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala ne nawaza hai.

Isi Yakeen ki manzil ko hame Allah ta’Qayamat tak baaki rakhe, aur Allah ki parasthish , farmabadari aur Mohabbat se kaamyaab hojaye.

I am very grateful to Mehdavia Times group for giving me an opportunity to send updates and events of our Mehdavia community.

I humbly request to all the youngsters who are the future of our community to actively participate in such initiatives and become a part of sawab-e-zariya.

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala bestow blessings on all of us who are continuously working for the welfare of our community for the sake of only Allah.

Aameen ya Rabbal Aalameen

Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ

  • Zil Haj 22 – Bahr-e-Aam Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ
  • Zil Haj 23 – Urs Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ

Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ:

By the glad tidings of Imamuna Mehdi AS, this noble couple Hz Miran Syed Mehmood ‘Sani-e-Mehdi RZ and Hz Bibi Kad Bano RZ had three sons (Mubashar-e-Mehdi AS). His first son is Hz Syed Abdul Hai ‘Roshan Munawar RZ, second son is Hz Syed Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath RZ also well known as ‘Shajaratul-Murshideen’ from him the famous lineage of the ‘Barah Bani Israil-E-Vilayath’ blooms. His 3rd son is Hz Miyan Syed Ahmed RZ passed away in infancy and a daughter Hz Bibi Khunza Fatima RZ (she was given in marriage to Hz Syed Mehmood RA alias ‘Mehmood Shah son of Miyan Syed Ataullah RA).
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A pictorial report on Rasm-e-Ijra of ‘Seerat-e-Syedain Rz’ book by Syed Abdul Khader Mujahid Sahab in Hyderabad held on 12 Oct 2014

10644402_791801080884081_8457257418016336185_n1450951_791800654217457_1482204612354281221_n IMG-20141007-WA002310685538_791801134217409_8024468690891088474_n

Azeem Shan Jalsa-e-Seerat-e-Hz Ameer-ul-Momineen Abu Bakr Siddiquq RZ on 11 Oct 2014 in Channapatna

IMG-20141010-WA0026Report by: Janab Syed Abdul Ghani Ashrafi Bhy


Rasm-e-Ijra of ‘Seerat-e-Syedain Rz’ book by Syed Abdul Khader Mujahid Sahab in Hyderabad on 12 Oct 2014


Markaz-e-Anjuman Mehdavia me Syed Abdul Khader Mujahid Sahab  ki likhihuvi ‘Seerat-e-Syedain Rz’  Kitab Ka Rasm-e-Ijra inhsa 12 Oct 2014 itwar 2:30 pm Allah Hz Peer O Murshid Syed Atan Shahab Mehdavi Sahab Qibla Karinge aap Tamam Ashiquane Hz Syedain Rz Se Shirkat Ki Guzarish Hai.

Organised By Committee Naujawan-e-Mehdavia Hyderabad

Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak to one and all…

MT - Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak 2014

Behram of Ummul Musaddiqeen Hz Bibi Ilahdadi rz..on 2nd Zilhaj 1435H / 28th September 2014

Behram of Ummul Musaddiqeen Hz Bibi Ilahdadi rz..on 2nd Zilhaj 1435H / 28th September 2014


IMG-20140930-WA0002 IMG-20140930-WA0003 IMG-20140930-WA0005 IMG-20140930-WA0010

Mehdavia Tarbiyatgha to be held at Ilhadad Masjid, Channapatna on 28 Sept 2014

Ilhadath Miyan - Deeni Dargha - 28 Spet 2014

“Daire Bachao Andolan’ ek fikr aur is waqt ki zarurat” – Amnisagar Success Story

Amnisagar - 20140920-WA0005

Srirangapatna 20 Sept 2014: Dear Brothers, As salam alaikum Rahmathullahi Wa Barakatahu, Alhamdulillah our article “Daire Bachao Andolan’ ek fikr aur is waqt ki zarurat” started giving its result.

Alhamdulillah few of our members have got the survey done on the Amnisagar Khabristan near Srirangapatna in Mysore district of Karnataka. Today the revenue department arrived at the Khabristan and conducted a land survey and also have erected a board on the site.

Members of our community from Channapatna, Mandya, Kirgaval, Bannur & Mysore were present during the survey. Janab Mudassir Saheb of Karnataka Wakf Board Mysore, Hz. Peer-o-Murshid Syed Fatahulla @ Shasha Miyan Mehmoodi Saheb, Janab Sheikh Abdul Khader Saheb, Amnisagar - 20140920-WA0003Janab Syed Zaheer Ashrafi Saheb (Engineer), Janab Rafiullah Sharieff Saheb (Engineer), Janab Sheikh Fayaz Saheb, Janab Ilyas Saheb, Hafiz Mohammed Aleem Saheb & Janab Malik Baig Saheb of Mysore were also present.

More details will follow soon with a plan to erect fencing or compound to the Khabristan.

We pray more such success stories to come up day by day, and motivate all our brothers to be active and firm to protect our dairas.

I request brother who would like to take part in our projects to kindly write to us on We can not spell success without U, hence we invite all our members to join hands in our developmental projects.

Jazak Allahu Khair

Inayath Ulla Khan

525th Jalsa-Urs-e-Imamuna Mehdi Maood Alayhi Salam Celebration in Riyadh on 19 Sept 2014

Urs e Imamuna v3 -1--page1


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